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We are a team of highly trained, dedicated and skilled professionals using the most modern roof replacement methods. Tempe Roofing provides the best solution for their customers. If the roof is badly damaged, the shingles or shavings are missing, the roof has a hole, has algae and moss stains, or the roof has lost its life and cannot be repaired, replacing the roof may become the best option.

Tempe Roofing maintains transparency to the customer and provides the best-requested services and replaces your old roof with a new high-quality roof.

Replacing a roof requires a major investment, with proactive planning and other things related to the weather. We ensure a smooth roof replacement process for an affordable price.

Understanding the signs for a roof replacement
Roofing material is designed to withstand frequent use in extreme weather conditions. However, each type of roofing material has its own lifespan.

We have the knowledge and experience to perform any roof replacement professionally and quickly. Our roofing contractors Tempe AZ will inspect the roof for any signs of damage, including cracked tiles, cracked or missing shingles, roof leaks, roof damage from wear and tear, or tree branches that have fallen on the roof.

Cost of roof replacement
We value the client's budget and appoint a professional yet affordable contractor to ensure the roofing budget that best suits your needs

We take into account various factors such as the size of the roof, the roof pitch, roofing material, number of layers, equipment and more.

Our roofers Tempe AZ tear off the existing roof to replace it with the new one, the costs incurred are added to the estimated cost. Before we embark on the roof replacement project, we will discuss a clear vision together of how you want it to look like, the best materials to be used for your specific needs and what the estimated cost.

Correct roof replacement process
Roofing Tempe offers a certain process for a hassle-free and timely roof replacement:

● We have the appropriate license to perform the roof replacement to ensure safety and standard services
● Our contractor prepares the estimated budget including each factor and submits it to the client for verified consent.
● We are responsible for obtaining any permits from the local government office required by the customer
● The roof replacement takes multiple days depending on the size of the project. The final inspection is done by us after completion of the roofing project to ensure the best quality and that nothing is left behind.

If you require a roof replacement service, call us today for more information.

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