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The roof is an integral part of any building and requires regular inspection to maintain it for a better intended life cycle. Preventive roof maintenance measures can be taken with the regular roof inspection leading to a long roof life. Tempe Roofing provides the expert services for roof inspection and maintenance including removal of leaves and debris for the free flow of water and protects the roof from the load on the roof leading to leakage and needed maintenance of the roof.

A roofing inspection includes the membrane, flashings, penetration and other conditions. This protects the roof against algae, blistering, paint peeling and other influences that can damage the roof.

Professional Inspection
Our roofers carefully inspect the roof for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage caused by lightning strikes, growth of algae and debris, or subsequent repairs. Ultimately, a roof inspection can be carried out in four facets: structure, material, interior and finish.

We regularly provide the proper training to improve the skills of our professionals for the best roof inspection of various roofing materials including metal roofing, asphalt roofing looking at leakage and even the smallest roofing issues to provide the best services in Tempe and surrounding areas.

The material inspection includes looking for missing gravel, stain, moss, rust and curly shingles. The interior inspection includes checking the interior ceiling, interior walls, water spots, mold, rot and other signs of water entering the building through the roof.

We are here to provide you with professional roof inspections with highly qualified and skilled roofing contractors that believe in maintaining long-term relationships with customers by putting our best foot forward.

We provide regular roof maintenance to keep the roof healthy. Regular inspection and maintenance extends the life of the roofing material and reduces your costs by preventing minor problems from growing into major ones requiring roof repair or even replacement.

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